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The more you provide, the more we can help.

At SXMTAX, we aim to maximize your tax returns. The more receipts and statements you provide, the better able we are to assist you.


When filing personal Income Tax, you need all that apply:
- A copy of the annual wage tax card from your present or former employers  (both spouses)
- Proof of self employment
- Income from the real estate rental
- letter from the pension fund/insurer (e.g. SZV, APNA, APS, FATUM etc.)
- Income letter/statement from Social Affairs Dept stating the amounts received.
- Interest statement(s) on mortgage(s) or other personal loans.
- Life insurance payments related to your mortgage.
- Invoices for own home maintenance   - Proof of charitable donations
- Proof of payment of medical, disability, childbirth and death expenses.
- Copy of the college registration form for children
- Copy of the expenses made for your children who are studying abroad and of the scholarship, they received.


At SXM Tax, we can help you with the filing of the (monthly) tax return forms.


The following monthly declarations are to be filed and paid by the 15th day of the following month

 - Wage tax;

- A.O.V./ A.W.W. premium;

- A.V.B.Z. premium

- Turnover tax.

- Room, Time Share and Car Rental tax

- Profit tax.

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SXMTAX has experience handling accounting matters pertaining to this industry. Regardless of what type of operations our clients have running, we can seamlessly step in and take responsibility for their tax and accounting obligations. It can be confusing and difficult trying to handle these issues alone. Don’t take any financial chances, call us today for the best financial advice.

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